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A Guide To Teaching Thinking

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What is Cognitive Six?

The Cognitive Six is based on the work of the late Albert Upton, Professor of English at Whittier College. In his book Design for Thinking* (1973.) He describes six fundamental and natural forms of thought. Shortly thereafter the team of Sager, Marr and Kovacs created the Cognitive Skills Manual* that provided practical teaching formats for instruction based on Upton’s work.

The manual and accompanying training course is what inspired me and Tom. Our Cognitive Six is based on the earlier Cognitive Skills Manual. 


About the Authors:

  • Louise E. Loomis, Ed.D., a retired Assistant Professor from Hartford College for Women, also taught Critical Thinking and Creativity (CCT) at Weaver High School, and at Fairfield University. She provides programs in CCT for learners of all ages: especially seniors. She is the founder of the New England Cognitive Center in New London, CT; and currently runs the ThinkWell Center LLC in Hartford, CT.
  • Thomas G. Smith, M.A.Ed., is a retired teacher of English and facilitator for Talented and Gifted Programs at Weaver High School, Hartford, CT. Tom was also a Teacher/ Instructor of Critical and Creative Thinking at Weaver High. Since 1994, he has been the Chief Operator of WQTQ FM 89.9 Weaver High School Broadcasting.


To order your copy of The Cognitive Six: A Guide to Teaching Thinking

Cost per book is $30.00 +(plus additional applicable Connecticut sales tax)

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Note: The will be an additional $4.00 (shipping and handling charge)/ per book if mailed.

We also offer the Train of Thought (a Classroom Tool for Teaching Cognitive Six) at $15.00/set. Each set contains 6 (8½in X 11in) cards


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The Cognitive Six enables all users to meet the challenges that require thinking and problem solving in their lives. This is accomplished without disrupting the demands of daily activities.


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