Why is Thinking Well Important?

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What is Thinking?

Thinking is the action or process of using one's mind to produce thoughts.

Thinking involves using imagination to combine and connect ideas or information in new ways. This reveals new possibilities, concepts, solutions, inventions and applications.

At ThinkWell we believe that thinking well has never been more important than it is today. 

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Although we often feel overloaded with too much information (TMI), quality and relevance vary widely.

Opportunities for creative thinking are ever more abundant.

Every day, we learn of new ‘apps,’ innovations to solve social, educational and environmental problems, as well as enterprises built on new research and technologies. 



According to "Dr. Lou", founder of ThinkWell Center, thinking well combines skills in both critical and creative thinking.



Critical or logical thinking helps us weigh the evidence, decide what to believe and determine how to behave.



You could call this thinking well inside the box.


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How To Stay Mentally Sharp

Dr. Louise Loomis was featured on the local FoxCT (channel 61) The Stan Simpson Show discussing the importance of lifelong creativity and its connection to keeping your mind mentally sharp.


LLoomis Stan Simpson Show

Click on link to watch the complete video: Stan Simpson Show: How To Stay Mentally Sharp with Dr. Louise Loomis, May 4, 2013 


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