ThinkWell offers a style of training which includes experiential, interactive and multisensory elements.

Whether its students pantomiming to understand operational analysis, or  seniors drawing to improve memory, learning is always based on an active process of discovery. 

All coaching and mentoring of educators and learners is presented personally by Dr. Louise Loomis, Ed.D. often referred as, Dr. Lou.

She is a master at meeting her students where they are. She also encourages everyone to ask for more information when it’s needed. 

Participants gauge their own reactions to each class including, what’s new to them and how they can use it in their daily lives. 

Cathy Bates, Executive Assistant, is the first point of contact for people interested in learning more about ThinkWell Center. She also facilitates program scheduling and all phases of implementation.   

Dr. Loomis works with educatorsstudents of all ages – from elementary school through college – as well as adults, seniorsand caregivers.

We can customize our programs, so let us design a great program for your group! 


*  Mind Aerobics

* Maps For All Initiative at the World Affairs Council

* Trinity Academy, Hartford, CT

* Hands On Equations

* Family Life Education Early Literacy


* Cognitive Fitness Series

* ThinkWell Center Advocates

* THE COGNITIVE SIX: A Guide to Teaching Thinking (A Teacher's Manual)


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