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ThinkWell Center is now working with family and professional caregivers of:  

 Caregivers As Coaches1


  • Seniors with dementia or depression


  • Elders who are frail


  • People who are homebound or chronically ill

Our Caregivers as Coaches program offers a personalized approach. It helps both caregivers and care receivers by:  


* Bringing enjoyable cognitive stimulation activities into their daily lives 

* Varying daily routines with creative ideas that are appropriate for the person 

* Adding fun and purpose to family visits  

* Using simple techniques and materials that are inexpensive and readily available

* Reminding participants of the joy of learning and discovery



ThinkWell Center trains and coaches learners of all ages to:


* Experience their natural 'smarts' - the brain's innate capacity to organize and evaluate information

* Recognize emotional manipulation in the media and refuse it

* Ask for more information and feel confident doing it

* Master technques to enhance memory

* Free their imaginations to generate ideas and foster creative solutions



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