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Participants learn to incorporate ‘thinking language’ and build  transferrable thinking skills while following their regular curricula. 

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  • After mastering key principles, each educator begins to design ways to infuse thinking skills into his or her specific learning environment.  



  • Every participant has the opportunity to consult with Dr. Loomis and brainstorm with the entire group to develop creative, targeted approaches for immediate use. 

  • Between sessions, teachers try out new techniques. They bring the results back to the group for further refinement.


Three to six sessions are generally recommended, but programs are customized. Groups may be comprised of teachers from one school or district. However, mixed groups are also effective.


Groups are small so participants benefit from collaborating on different learning situations, but still have plenty of opportunity for personal feedback.


ThinkWell Center also provides individual coaching and mentoring for educators.

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The goals of the individual teacher determine the number and frequency of sessions. 

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