SPUNKI: A Reading Rubric



SPUNKI: A Reading Rubric

An acronym that asks students to answer six questions

"What part or parts of the reading did you find Surprising?




                             Knew it already?


Applying the prompts to any reading assignment invites students to respond personally to the material and make it their own. 
Students using SPUNKI are more enthusiastic about completing their reading assignments.
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 OnCourseResource.com: SPUNKI: A Reading Rubric That Engages Students

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Reading is Fun and Key to Success!

posted by Analicia Buentello on February 23, 2013, Division of Arts and Composition, Estrella Mountain Community College
Video Presentations: posted by Ruby Perez on December 9, 2014 http://prezi.com/go8oty02j71s/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share 
Posted by Gorge Literacy Facebook Page on February 8, 2012
CERTI NEWSLETTER Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation at Missouri S&T published SPUNKI as a learning resource for their students. pg. 5-6
An article by Alaina Winters, Heartland Community College, shares her use of SPUNKI as a helpful tool for generating questions for her talking circle.
ETUG Spring 2015 Pleanary Keynote ,Presentation by Paul D. Hibbitts, lists SPUNKI under the formative Evaluation Highlights and uses SPUNKI to answer questions
Tufts University’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) strives to promote teaching innovation posted a link to use SPUNKI on January 20, 2016 on their Twitter Page, January/ February: Spring 2014
IIA. 245 Staying On Course Newsletter
State Center Community College District referenced SPUNKI as a learner centered strategy for students to try, Pg. 2
Mrs. Kathleen Douma suggested her 2013-2014 AP Biology students use SPUNKI for recording their reading notes into their journals. pg. 3 
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