Maximize Your Mind Workshop Series

Maximize Your Mind Workshop Series with Louise Loomis & Kenneth Stellar

At any you can maximize your most important resource - your mind. The latest research  in the neuro- and social sciences indictes that there are ways to improve our cognitive functioning and well-being throughout our lives.

This workshop is offered as a series of (6) seminars in 2-parts.

Total time for the whole program is 8-hours.

Part One:

Critical Thinking for Work and Life

The two modules offered are:

  1. Productive Thinking 
  2. Ananlytical Thinking.

Total Time is four hours that can be offered as four 1-hour modules or two 2-hour modules.

This series will provide you with the knowlege, strategies, techniques to enhance your critical thinking and decision making.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover method for identifying and defining needs and problems
  • Work with Converegent and Divergent Thinking Strategies
  • Learn and practice an effective Problem Solving Process
  • Analyze the cognitive and emotional elements of persuasive communication
  • Learn how our brains naturally and constatntly organize information
  • Identify effective ways to respond to persuasive communication


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Part Two:

  1. Postively Stressed
  2. Introduction to Mindfulness
  3. Mental Toughness
  4. Your Wisdom Project. 

Total Time is four hours and can be offered as four 1-hour modules or two 2-hour modules.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify the differences between postive stress and distress
  • Learn stress management skills
  • Create a personal action plan for being "postively" stressed
  • Discover mindfulness concepts and techniques for daily life
  • Boost your mental toughness while learning the 4-stages of change
  • Identify Wisdom and how its elements are developed


Our Trainers:

Kenneth Steller, MS., M.A. (Read more)


Louise Loomis, Ed.D. (Read more)

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