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ThinkWell Center ADHD Advisors (TWCA), serves parents whose children are struggling in school and who lack time and resources to address their children's needs. TWCA does not diagnose or treat children. However, we help parents interpret situations and diagnoses, and assists them in getting support and finding useful information.  


  Margaret Ware (Marki), a Master of Neuroscience, is dedicated to matching children with appropriate cognitive development interventions. (Read More)
  Louise Loomis (Lou), a Doctor of Education, is dedicated to offering learners many different ways of learning. (Read More)
In addition, ThinkWell Center's resources provide families and their children with a rich combination of useful information and interesting activities, while assisting parents in meeting their children's needs. 




ADHD WeAre4You Hands

There is too much available and few ways to asses if it factual or useful. It can be overwhelming for a parent to figure out which information is reliable or how to use it.

We help parents understand what they are dealing with, find reliable information and understand it, assess alternatives, find resources and form action plans.

We do not diagnose or treat (although in the future we might provide demonstrations of some treatment options or provide custom tutoring.)


  • Review and analysis of all testing results if any exist
  • Establishing a framework for parent or child issues of concern
  • Identification of relevant information sources
  • Help in gathering relevant information 
  • Help in interpreting and understanding of gathered information 
  • Researching options and providing recommendations
  • Access to the TWC Library of relevant books/materials
  • Help understand the school process for 504 Plans, IEPs, and their differences
  • Identification of effective sources to help learn how to advocate for the child with the school
  • Identification of other useful providers, clinic, products, practioners, consultants
  • Help in constructing the parent's own action plan
  • Help in monitoring progress and managing the parent's action plan to change or adapt depending on progress
  • Ongoing research, analysis, interpretation, synthesis, and consultative discussion as needed to identify and assess alternative modes of addressing a child's issues.

While ThinkWell Center is not a treatment center,

we can recommend sources for parenting and personal coping skills.



  • Initial consultation is free 
  • $100/hour for all other services. Since children are unique and complicated, the process is expected to be iterative.
  • The estimated cost of a full set of services could be $2,500.
How Parents Can Use Brain Science to Help Their Children


Wouldn’t it be great if every child was great at everything? 

     They all did their homework on time

     They all prepared for tests

     They got projects done on schedule without staying up all night the night before it’s due

     They understood math and science as well as sports and biology

     They had great memory for facts and dates

     They had 20/20 vision and good hearing

     They learned quickly

     They get along with everyone

     They were emotionally stable



Each child comes with his or her own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.  Some combinations make it easier for a child to succeed in life, some don’t. Some combinations make for incredible artists, or for great entrepreneurs, or fabulous athletes, or research scientists, or comedians--the list goes on and on.


Some combinations make things harder for children.  If your child is having difficulty with school, there may be some new scientifically designed training tools that can augment your child’s natural set of talents, to make life easier, or to help boost your child’s success in life.


It turns out that most cognitive brain training advances work best where they are needed the most.  That is, they best strengthen weak areas rather than already strong areas.  So, for those who have an identified weak area, it not only works, it works the most to strengthen what needs to be strengthened.  The trick is to pick the right tools for the job, matching the brain training protocol to the need.


This is not to say that you can make a math genius out of a person who just doesn’t get numbers. Brain training doesn’t alter personality or change basic talent profiles. Everyone should lead from their strengths. However, among those skills that are considered critical for success across the board, shoring up weak cognitive functions can be hugely beneficial.

There are certain cognitive abilities that are associated with across the board success.  These are categorically called executive functions.  They are responsible for guiding the intake of information, manipulation and storage of information, and decision making to guide behaviors.  If a person is weak in one or more of the executive functions, it is much harder for a person to succeed. Optimal learning and behavior are compromised by any holes in the executive functions.  Or put another way, the easiest way for a person to succeed is to eliminate any deficits in executive functions.


An adage states: “Success is meeting your goals to get what you want; happiness is liking what you get.”

  • If you want to be happy, first do a good job setting your goals.
  • If you want to be successful, get brain science to make it as easy for you as possible.
This is where ThinkWell Advisors comes in.  We can help you find the right tools to make it easier for your child to be successful.   Give us a call at the ThinkWell Center (860) 232-0891 to set up an appointment

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