Welcome to ThinkWell Center!

A place for learners of all ages to sharpen their thinking and creativity. 

At ThinkWell, students, older adults and everyone in between are invited to: 

ThinkWell participants gain confidence in what their minds can do by:


*  Understanding the brain’s natural gift for organizing


Recognizing when they NMI (Need More Information)

    and asking for it

*  Spotting fallacies that confuse their thinking 

*  Mastering methods to boost memory

For educators, ThinkWell Center specializes in workshops using thinking skill formats for teaching regular curriculum. 

Some of the language we speak at the ThinkWell Center includes:

* Critical and Creative Thinking

* Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

* Common Core Standards

* 21st Century Learning Skills

* Bloom Taxonomies of Cognition & Affect

* Creative Journaling

* Essential Questions (EQ)

* Teaching to Abundance (my special term)

* Teaching for Understanding

* Project Based Learning (PBL)

* Depth of Knowledge (DOK)



Project-Based Learning Cycle2

Our unique programs are often presented by Dr. Louise Loomis, the founder of ThinkWell Center, who has been developing and presenting original programs on critical thinking and creative problem-solving for more than 35 years. Her workshops are experiential, enjoyable, multi-sensory -- and memorable.  


We invite you to explore our site, check out our page and Dr.Lou's for upcoming events and articles.

Also, feel free to contact us for more information. Think about it!


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